Crazy Clip Shows James Bond Stuntman Attempting to Skip on Crocodiles

July 8, 2024 9:46 am in by

A stunning video has emerged, revealing the truth behind the iconic James Bond crocodile scene from “Live and Let Die.” Fans of the franchise have been amazed to learn that the stunt used real reptiles, highlighting the remarkable bravery of stuntman Ross Kananga.

In the film, Bond, played by Roger Moore, escapes by stepping on the backs of three snapping crocodiles. However, behind-the-scenes footage shows the intense danger Kananga faced while standing in for Moore. The stunt was even more perilous given that Kananga’s own father was reportedly eaten by a crocodile.

The scene required five takes, each filled with heart-stopping moments. In the first attempt, Kananga nearly made it across but fell into the water, dodging a snapping crocodile. By the second and third takes, the reptiles were on high alert, attacking as Kananga tried to cross. In the final attempt, Kananga’s shoe got caught on a crocodile’s tooth, resulting in a bite that required stitches.

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Kananga, who was a crocodile wrangler and owned the crocodiles, used around a dozen for the scene, sourced from his farm in Jamaica. Despite the severe risks, he completed the stunt and was paid $60,000, equivalent to over $450,000 today. This video has left many in disbelief, with fans praising Kananga’s courage and commitment.

The amazing footage has reignited interest in the James Bond series, with many viewers eager to rewatch the legendary scene.