Hedge Trimming Hack: Genius or Dangerous?

May 20, 2024 1:20 pm in by Trinity Miller

An Australian father’s inventive technique for trimming his tall front yard hedge has captured online attention, praised as the ultimate example of working smart, not hard. However, some have expressed concerns about its safety.

In a video posted by his daughter on TikTok, the man uses a lawn mower attached to a crane to trim the hedge.

“I’m visiting my parents and my dad wanted me to show me how he maintains his hedge,” the daughter narrates. “Seems like, it includes this vehicle, and his crane.”

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The video begins with the father attaching the lawn mower’s handle to a crane hook and maneuvering it to trim the top of the hedge.

Talk about taking a cut above the rest!


unfortunately i live 4 hours from my parents, so dad comes up with ways of doing things to save his back

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“Oh my god,” the daughter exclaims as she watches. He then drives his truck along the hedge line, while the mower trims the top foliage.

Laughing at her father’s ingenuity, she remarks: “The little engine that could.” Australians were quick to share their thoughts on the unique approach.

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“He’s an ideas man,” one viewer noted. “Now that’s initiative, good on ya mate,” commented another. A third viewer added, “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, your dad’s a legend.”

That’s one way to mow-tivate your neighbors!

The Queensland resident goes for a second pass at the hedge, ducking under the suspended mower to get back into his truck. His daughter chuckles, commenting, “Ahh, this is dangerous.”

Online reactions varied, with opinions ranging from “genius” to “crazy.” One comment read, “I’m really not sure if this is madness, genius, or a mix of both,” while another viewer simply stated, “So dangerous.”

This isn’t the first time a gardener has shown an innovative use for a lawn mower. Recently, Nathan Stafford, a Sydney gardener from Nathan’s Lawns and Gardens, shared a video demonstrating his method of compressing a large pile of trimmings into an overflowing green bin. He described it as the “greatest gardening hack of all time.”

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Who knew landscaping could reach such new heights?

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