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GBA Contractors offer high-quality, cost-effective earthmoving and excavation services for residential (small-scale) projects in the Upper Hunter Valley and beyond. 

Our residential earthmoving and excavation solutions include: 

  • General Earthmoving – from preparing or levelling your property for a foundation, extension, new garden beds or lawn, a retaining wall, the installation or removal of a swimming pool, or installing a deck or tennis court – we can help with all of your general small-scale domestic earthmoving needs. This includes the removal, shifting, or application of topsoil, dirt, gravel, clay, sand, and more.
  • Trenching – narrow but deep excavations to create the underground pathways needed for the installation of electrical cables, conduits, structural supports, or pipelines. We can also backfill and restore after installations have been completed to ensure the safety and security of the buried utilities. 
  • Plumbing Excavations – excavating near or around existing utilities such as plumbing infrastructure requires extreme care. We can help with this, from exposing corroded or otherwise damaged or blocked pipes for plumbers to repair or replace them to facilitating the manual removal of tree roots.
  •  Residential Site Clean-Ups – from creating a blank canvas for landscaping to site preparation for a domestic build, we can help clean and prepare your property in adherence with local council and builder specifications – including site levelling and vegetation removal.
  • Driveways & Kerb Drainage – excavations for domestic properties for installing driveways, paths, and kerbs.


GBA Contractors has the right equipment, experience, and expertise to get the job done right the first time, without fuss. We have the skills, technical ability, and commitment to truly understand your needs and we work together with you, to deliver on these, so that your project can proceed on time.