Workdays with Grant



The main reason Grant decided to get into radio is because he gets to listens to music all day – that along with meeting new people all the time and having fun.

With that said, it’s no surprise he worked in a hostel before joining Power FM. From backpackers to cheap Aussies, Grant has met them all and now wants to meet the Upper Hunter Valley.

Outside of radio, Grant plays men’s netball for NSW and religiously watches the Suncorp Super Netball, as well as the Diamonds whenever they play. He was even there when they won the 2015 World Cup in Sydney.

Grant grew up in Sydney but likes to travel and has previously lived in Victoria and South Australia. He’s also travelled up and down the east coast, from Cairns to Eden.

Grant is colour blind and hates when people ask “what colour is this?” while holding the nearest coloured item they can see.