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Season 2 of 'The Crown' has a brand new trailer and a release date

Netflix has just dropped the first trailer for season two of its big budget royal drama, The Crown.

The second series is set in the late '50s and early '60s, and explores the second decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, the British army sending soldiers to fight in Egypt and the Queen's relationship with the third Prime Minister of her reign, Harold Macmillan.

The new trailer, which went online today, features glimpses of the new season including tension between Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh and her sister, Princess Margaret, fleeing the pursuit of the paparazzi. We also get a brief look at former Dexter star, Michael C. Hall and his portrayal of John F. Kennedy.

Netflix is planning to produce a total of six series, each spanning a decade of the Queen's life with key roles to be re-cast with older actors every two seasons.

The first season of The Crown is one of the most expensive television dramas ever made and is set to win big at the Emmy Awards next month, the series is nominated for ten awards, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Claire Foy.

The second series of The Crown will be available on Netflix for your binge watching pleasure from December 8, 2017.