NASA is offering $26K to stay in bed for 2 months


Have you perfected the art of staying in bed all day? 

Is getting up in the morning just getting too hard?

Well NASA is conducting a study in Germany and they need some volunteers to stay in bed for 2 months straight and they'll pay you $26,000!!

The purpose of the study is to test the effects of bed rest - which mimics weightless in space - and that includes how your muscles and body fluids shift toward the head while laying down or being horizontal for long periods of time.

But make no mistake, while it might sound simple and "easy" enough, you deadset have to be flat for 60 days straight and that includes when you want to go to the loo!

Here's the specifics: "Volunteers will lie in bed with their head down at a 6 degree angle. There will be 60 days of actual bed rest with four followup visits. All eating, bathing, bathroom needs and leisure will be spent laying down."

I mean think about all the TV you could watch!

Compensation for the study is 16,500 euros which works out to be just over A$26,000.

The study will be run from September-December 2019 with the follow up exams in March and December 2020 - you can get more info here https://dlr-probandensuche.de

Image Credit: Pixabay