Woman reads fine print - wins $10k

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Lets be honest, when it comes to Terms and Conditions the majority of us just tick the box acknowledging that we've read it all, hit next, and move on with our lives.

We know we probably should read it...I mean anything could be contained within in it - we could be signing our lives away or wilfully donating an organ! 

But we don't.

However Donelan Andrews, a High School teacher from St Petersburg, Florida, did read it...and she won $10,000 for doing it!

US Travel Insurance company, Squaremouth, had inserted a "Pays To Read" section in their fine print after observing that only 1% of customers actually do read the T&C's - with the first person to email the company after reading the clause set to take home to major cash prize of 10k.

The company had planned for the competition to last 12 months however Donelan discovered the magical clause just 23 hours into it launching!

In honor of her quick claiming of the prize, Squaremouth donated an additional $5,000 to each of the two high schools where Andrews works to improve their media centers, and $10,000 to children’s literacy charity Reading is Fundamental.

Will you read the T&C's next time? 


Image Credit: Pixabay