Man gets stuck in grease vent...for 2 days!

It was the perfect crime. 

Climb up to the roof an empty restaurant. Spot a vent shaft that can give you quick and easy access to the premises. Remove the top grill, take off your clothes and slide right on down making (hopefully) a soft landing below. Simple!

Unfortunately that wasn't the straightforward outcome for a 29 year old US man who became trapped in a grease vent for 2 days!

Due to a bend in the vent, the man became trapped in the most uncomfortable of positions, with his hands lodged above his head and unable to be freed.

For just over 48 hours the man would yell for help when finally his cries were heard by the owner of a neighboring business.

Emergency services got to the scene however getting the stuck man out proved to be incredibly difficult due to the circumstances. According to reports, "The fire department had to figure out a plan of attack to get him out. We couldn't reverse course and pull him back up because the chute had sharp edges that would have cut him. Plus he was covered head to toe in grease — it was like he had been dipped in oil — and we didn't want to yank him up and have him slide back down," 

Ultimately the Fire Department had to dismantle the vent to get him out and remarkably the man made it out alive - although he was severely dehydrated, greasy and smelled awful.

While the true intentions of the man are unclear no criminal charges have been made and Sgt. Ray Kelly, a public information officer for the Alameda County Sherrif's Office, was quoted saying "we decided to be a little compassionate. We figured he's been through enough and it is in the holiday spirit".


Image Credit: Pixabay