Man flips bird to entire town

Revenge. It's a wonderful thing. Best served cold in the form of a statue in the shape of a middle finger on top of a 5 meter pole in my opinion.


Well Ted Pelkey, a small business owner from Vermont in the US, has taken revenge to a whole new level after becoming increasingly frustrated in his battle with his local council, who kept knocking back his application to build a garage on the side of his home.


After 10 years of fighting and numerous applications lodged, the Westford Selectboard and Development Review Board have refused to budge on it's decision and for most, you'd just give up, move on and perhaps find another town to live in.

Not Ted Pelkey, he thought the best way to send a message to town officials was to erect a 5 meter high statue of a hand flipping the bird, fitted out with 2 floodlights so it was visible at night and would light up the sky! It also would cost him over $5000!

Who would have thought a hand sculpture would cost an arm and a leg?

Only in America.