Missy Higgins drops touching new video

2018 has been a huge year for Missy Higgins. 

Back in April she released her fifth studio album, Solastalgia, she had a beautiful baby girl called Luna in August, and next week she'll be dropping her first greatest hits album - The Special Ones - out November 23.

In celebration of the new album, the Scar singer has released an amazing new video for "All For Believing" - a track she wrote when she was just 15 years old and with all of the footage original images of her recording the song on the piano for the first time.

Missy explains “This video is of me creating the very first recording of ‘All For Believing’. It’s the basic piano recording before we added the other sounds like percussion and cello. I am so young in this I can’t believe it was so long ago, ah! I must have been 15 or something. We were in a hotel room with some basic equipment recording it for Roland… technically my first gig! We chose a hotel room for the quietness factor but fate would have it that a group of bagpipe players decided to use the park right outside our window as their place to practice that day. So there’s probably some subtle hints of bagpipe in the recording somewhere!”