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NSW MUS PMS Power FM Secret Sound APLUS slider

The Power FM secret sound is back with thousands of dollars in CASH to win!!

AND every day the prize doesn’t go off, it jackpots by 50 dollars!!

To play listen to Dana and Sam on Power Brekky, plus Dylan will give you a chance to win BIG, during the workday.



- A bin lid closing

- Bouncing a basketball

- Slapping a hand on a desk 

- Hammering a nail

- A car hitting something

- Banging on a door

- Gas powered nail gun 

- Hitting something with a rubber mallet 

- A Bluetooth speaker turning on and connecting

- Slamming a door

- Knocking on a door with an old door knocker on a timber door

- Banging on the bottom of a plastic bin

- Putting a thumb tack in a cork board 

- A stapler

- Dropping a medicine ball 

- Clicking a Tupperware container 

- Someone tap dancing

- Meat Tenderiser hitting meat

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