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Power FM's Secret Sound

Power FM's Secret Sound

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starting a slot car on the track
impact driver
pre ignition switch on a jet engine
whoopee cushion
tape being pulled

farting into a PA
battery rattle gun
creaking door hinge
pulling a zip tie
rattle gun
Running your nail along a comb
Pulling tape out of a tape dispenser

Putting a pen inside a fan
plastic cutlery on a plastic plate
Bey-blade hitting the wall
Metal door stop spring

steel cap on a car
Scrapping something on a tin fence
Ripping duct tape off something

childproof lid on a bottle of chemicals
bolt tightening
roulette table putting the ball on once its spinning
Two magnets connecting

running your fingers on Venetian blinds
fingers on a balloon
Pen along corrugated iron
pulling a hand break up

pulling a blind up
pulling a nail out of wood with a hammer
spoon across the grate of a sink
Power drill jumping
Running a ruler along Venetian blinds
Pulling masking tape off the roll

pulling paper off a binder
pulling a zip tie shut
running a pen along a spiral notebook
Pulling a wind up car back
Impact drill

pulling up the blinds real quick
putting on a trash can lid
printer replacing paper
winding up a toy car
running fingers up a blind
pulling the starter on a RC car
running a pen along the grill of a sink
pulling a tape gun
opening vertical blinds
retractable hose reel
Impact driver
ratchet block and a tackle

pulling tape off the roll
ripping aluminium foil
door hinge
Doing a zipper up
Pulling out paper towel of a dispenser
Running your finger along a fan

pulling foil off
pulling paper towel off the reel
Old Chest
Plastic Toy Mower
two pots banging together
ruler being dragged across a desk
claw hammer pulling nails out of wood
clothes line cranked open
insect zapper
striking a guerro
Opening a box of tissues
Opening a bottle of juice or water

air drill
hole punch punching through paper
running shoe along a metal grate
Two magnets connecting
Turn knob on a washing machine
Running a stick along a corrugated fence

dishwasher dial
nail gun
ice in a blender
pulling an ice cream lid off
Finger nail through a comb
Hand held siren
Rinsing a mop

pulling out a bendy straw
a toilet seat closing
vacuum cleaner retracting cord
wringing a mop in a bucket
sliding a plastic tub on top of another
a chain winch roller door going up

kick starting a motorbike
putting an iron board up
pulling the hose bit out of the washing machine
crushing a plastic bottle
Peeling the cardboard off a box of foil
Handheld tin opener
Holding a ruler half on the table and flick it
Scrapping something down an old washing board

salt and pepper grinder
electric starter on a BBQ
over tightening a petrol cap
running a spoon along an oven grill
Strumming a guitar
Pen ran down a binder
Retracting a Stanley knife

ruler reverberating on a table
ruler reverberating on a table
pulling tape off the dispenser
screwing a metal screw into a piece of metal
Stepping on bubble wrap
Knife down a cheese grater
Air hose retracting
Chain on a roller blind getting caught

retractable cord on a vacuum
spin of the chocolate wheel
retractable hose reel
banging a tambourine
pulling the tape the reel
thermomix clicking in
drill bit slipping off a screw
Socket to tighten a bolt
Creaking chair
Safety lock on a cupboard

running a stick over a rainwater tank
driving over a cattle grate
electric soap dispenser
spring stop on the back of a door
vacuum cleaner pipe retracting
loading a toaster
spinning top top popping
running a pen down a pedestal fan
Touching blades of pedestal fan while its going
Running a ruler along a pedestal fan
Running your finger nail along a pedestal fan
Running a pencil down a pedestal fan
Putting a pen on the blades of a fan
Turning a pedestal fan sideways when in lock

putting a pen in a fan while its running
tightening the buckle on a strap down lock
putting a stick along the outside of a fan
when the fan turns and hits furniture
when you adjust the fan
the sound of the switch at the back of a fan being pulled up