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No Exclusive Xbox Series X Games for 2 Years

We are starting to get a lot of information on the next generation consoles due out later this year and Microsoft particularly seem pretty open about what the machine can do.

 For starters the Xbox Series X console will not be exclusive for at least the first year or two 

This means that for the next two years or so all games released will be playable on both the Nex Gen system and be Xbox One compatible.

Including the highly anticipated “Halo: Infinite” 

It seems the company understands that purchasing a console can be a big investment and wants to ensure that it looks after Xbox owners who may have only just or are just about to purchase an Xbox one.

It will also help game developers as some people won’t want to upgrade straight away and that will mean more game units moving off shelves.

The new Series X console is expected to offer around four times more performance than the Xbox One and twice that of the Xbox One X.