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The Man Who Fell To Earth Series Trailer

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The Man Who Fell To Earth is a new TV Series that follows an alien who comes to earth to help humanity.

Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the alien who has left his family and his own planet that is dying.

He knows the trajectory that earth is facing and has come to help steer it on the right path.

With the help of Naomie Harris's character whom he was sent to find.

For those that think the name of the TV show is familiar, you would be right.

Way back in 1976, a little pop star known as David Bowie starred in a film of the same name.

Now this and the TV series are both adapted from the Walter Tevis novel of the same name.

However, the TV Series takes it one step further making it a sequel or continuation of the movie.

The character that David Bowie played (Thomas) is back in the series and is played by Bill Nighy.

The Man That Fell To Earth series premieres on April 24th on Paramount+ in Australia.

Here's the original movie trailer from the '70s too.