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Professional Cleaner Hack Uses Single Product to Clean Every Surface

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A professional house cleaner has released a now-viral video in which she teaches people how to clean everything at home with only one product.

♬ original sound - The Big Clean Co

Melbourne's Kacie Stephens has revealed the ultimate cleaning secret, which has been viewed over one million times.

In the short video, Kacie explains how she cleans everything from ovens, greasy stovetops, and sinks to shower screens and floors using a concentrated dishwashing detergent solution.

"I'm a professional cleaner and I'm here to show you that you have been sold a lie"

Kacie who owns and operates a cleaning business called The Big Clean Co shows several surfaces before and after being cleaned with just one cleaning product.

"You do not need a different cleaning product for every surface of your house, you only need one"

"Made in Australia using biodegradable ingredients and a recyclable plastic bottle, it is time to simplify your cleaning routine"

Kacie has also published a collection of videos all about cleaning.

One in particular which has over four million views as of this writing - instructing how to "clean a shower like a professional."

Remove everything from the shower firstly, then wipe down everything with a cloth and dishwashing liquid.

"Then we grab a grout brush and we scrub. Once done we rinse, dry, and put everything back. When we use dishwashing liquid we don't even need a glass cleaner."


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♬ original sound - The Big Clean Co