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Bluey episode causes major debate amongst parents


The latest episode of Australia's beloved Bluey is causing quite a stir amongst parents, with many taking issue with a kid's party scene.

The episode - aptly titled Pass The Parcel - sees Bluey's neighbour (aka Lucky's dad) frustrated with the modern-day rules of pass-the-parcel whereby every single layer contains a prize.

"We're raising a nation of squibs," he says after learning that "everyone gets a prize".

Lucky's dad then continues to reminisce about his own childhood, where the game was played with only one final prize and only one winner.

He begins to enforce these old-school pass-the-parcel rules at his own son's party saying the new generation need to just "suck it up".

While the children are visibly upset to begin with, they slowly learn over a series of birthday parties to enjoy the new rules and accept the fact that not everyone will win all of the time.

The episode has sparked a parenting debate online, with some marking it as the "greatest Bluey episode of all time," while others viewed the parenting approach as very 80s.

What do you think?

This isn't the first time this family of Blue Heelers have sparked controversy online.

You might remember earlier in the year when US viewers realised some scenes had been cut from Disney's version of Bluey.

A father from North Carolina and self-confessed 'Bluey stan' took to his TikTok to point out the censored scenes.


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Scenes were cut from the 'Teasing' and 'Markets' episodes.

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