Doctor Reveals Redheads/Gingers Have Four 'Secret Super Powers' According to Science

redhead gingers super powers

Redheads assemble! A doctor has revealed that according to science, people with the 'ginger gene' have four secret superpowers that other hair colours don’t.

Red hair is actually only found in one to two per cent of the human population and is associated with a gene found on chromosome 16 called the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R). The pigment pheomelanin is what gives red hair its distinct colour. This gene also gives people with red hair certain traits that can be considered as ’secret super powers’.

Dr Karan Raj from the UK posted the viral video to his TikTok which currently has over 600K views. The NHS surgical doctor, educator and lecturer shared four ’super powers’ listed below.


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1. Redheads are way better at detecting temperature changes.

"Researchers think the MC1R gene, the red hair causing gene over activates the temperature detecting gene. If a ginger person says they feel cold, winter’s coming,” Dr Karan says.

According to a study published in “Anesthesiology” researchers tested 30 women with red hair and 30 women with dark hair with a temperature device and found redheads were more sensitive to cold temperatures and had less tolerance for hot temperatures. Health Digest says redheads are the first to start shivering when the temperature drops.

2. Redheads smell better.

"We all have this thin acidic film on the surface of our skin, the acid mantle. The combination of lipids from oil glands and amino acids from sweat. This mantle is more acidic in redheads, causing perfumes to evaporate more quickly, giving a unique scent.”

The scent on a redheads skin will smell different and this phenomenon was first recorded back in 1886 from Dr. Augustin Galopin in his book, 'Le Parfum de la Femme’. It states that he tested the theory out and was able to detect the unique scent from redhead women. As Dr Raj mentions, the acidic layer on their skin interacts differently with perfumes giving them a unique scent.

3. Redheads make more Vitamin D.

"When a redhead goes outside, they can produce more Vitamin D in a shorter amount of time than any other hair colour.”

This is backed up by a book written by Erin La Rosa called “The Big Redhead Book” where it’s mentioned that redheads can actually create their own vitamin D. They can produce more vitamin D than others which is an evolutionary advantage protecting them from ailments.

4. Some redheads but not all, might have a higher pain threshold.

"It might be due to the fact that the ginger gene also has a role to play in pain processing. If you’re naturally ginger, you need to tell your doctor before surgery because you might need more anaesthetic or pain relief.”

A study by McGill University in 2003 proved that redheaded women could tolerate pain by up to 25 percent more than people with other hair colours and that they’re harder to sedate. Medical Daily reports redheads also need 20 per cent more anaesthesia than others. Dr Karan notes in a comment, "The link between red hair & pain sensitivity isn't fully understood so some might have a greater pain sensitivity - but important before surgery!"

Red-haired users took to the comments section to confirm the 'super powers' with one commenting, "Can confirm this is all true. Any slight change in temp and my body freaks out. Pain threshold thing is very true." A fellow doctor wrote, "They always need more anesthesia for dental surgery! At least that's what 23 years of practice taught me."

Another TikTok user joked, "Ed Sheeran has all these powers?!" to which Dr Karan replies, "Maybe and more."

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