Man cooks "amazing" steak in dishwasher

steak dishwasher

A man has cooked a steak in his dishwasher and says it came out “AMAZING”.

Mike George, who is an award-winning journalist for CBS in America, posted the video to his Twitter showing the process of cooking his steak to perfection.

He seasons the steak then vacuum seals it before putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher and starting a 96 minute cycle.

Then he brings the steak out of the bag and pops it into a pan on the stove with some herbs and garlic before slicing it up and showing the medium rare goodness to the camera.

He doesn’t actually film himself eating it, but we’ll have to trust him that he did!

It’s a different method for sure and may not take off given it would be less hassle to cook the steak the old fashioned way on a grill or stove top.

But Mike explains in a reply to a commenter that he did it “for science”.

And why go to all that effort just to cook it in a pan at the end as well? He explains that he put it in the pan to brown the outside, “but all the internal cooking was done in the dishwasher”.

When a commenter asks if he’s started a food TikTok yet, Mike shares his TikTok handle but says he has no followers.

We checked out his TikTok - @mikegeorgeeatstheworld - where he sets out to cook food from every country/culture in the world. At the time of writing he has 78 followers. Hopefully his steak science experiment will bring him some extra fans!

At the very least, this food trick here is gold:

@mikegeorgeeatstheworld The ultimate challenge for friends- make cheesy biscuits…but one random one is filled with spicy wasabi! #food #chef #cooking #MikeGeorgeEatsTheWorld ♬ RELOAD - Kaleena Zanders

Image: Twitter/MikeGeorgeCBS