Harry Styles Dresses as Dorothy for Halloween Gig

Harry Styles was "off to see the Wizard" as he stepped out in front of the crowd for a gig at New York Madison Square Gardens looking absolutely wonderful.

The crowd was filled with all sorts of ghouls, ghosts zombies but they weren't "in Kanzas anymore" (in fact they never were) and instead were transported to the land of OZ as Harry thought he'd do Halloween in "style" with a cute little "Dorothy" outfit complete with a basket for Toto the dog and some amazing ruby slippers.

The whole band joined in as well with guitarist Mitch Rowland as the Cowardly Lion, bass player Elin Sandberg as Glinda the Good Witch and Niji Adeleye on Keys as the Tin Man. The band's drummer Sarah Jones frocked up as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Only one thing could make the night even more OZ.. and that's a performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as this Twitter user captured.

At the end of the show, Harry clicked his heels together three times and exited to well-deserved applause.