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4 Secret iPhone Hacks for Louder Sound

iphone header

If you have ever thought your iPhone wasn't loud enough, then hold on to your ears.

We have a few Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to boost your Apple iPhone's volume.

Just be aware that your eardrums are very sensitive and can be damaged by loud sounds.

So be kind to your ears ❤️

1. Change your iPhone’s EQ settings

iPhone eq settings

This is one of the simplest settings to change on your iPhone.

And most people don't even know it exists!

If you haven't played around with your iPhone's settings before, then your EQ is probably off.

If that's the case, go into the Settings app, then into Music, and then into EQ.

Here you need to scroll down the list and choose "Late Night".

With this simple change, you should be able to immediately hear the difference.

2. Removing the Volume Limiter

iPhone sounds settings

There is a feature within your iPhone that is meant to help save your hearing from the damages that LOUD MUSIC can cause.

Whilst it's great for the kids so they don't ruin their hearing, it's not so good if you are getting older. 🤣

So use this one with caution and at your own risk.

Most of the time this option is already off, but check just in case.

Simply open the Setting app, then go into Sounds (or Sounds & Haptics on newer iPhones), and find Headphone Safety.

Make sure these options are off and you are one step closer to a louder iPhone.

3. iPhone in a Bowl

iPhone bowl

This hack is so simple, but can really give you that BOOST you need when cranking out some tunes.

Find a bowl and place the iPhone into the bowl.

Preferably without cereal or food inside.

Now you can enjoy an extra boost in volume as the iPhone speakers are amplified by the walls of the bowl.

4. iPhone in a Glass

iPhone glass

This last tip probably produced the greatest gain but with iPhones becoming larger and larger, you may not be able to find a glass big enough to fit your iPhone into.

If you can, make sure the iPhone's speakers are pointed down.

You will now hear some super loud tunes pumping out of your not-so-tiny iPhone.

Do you have any tips, tricks, or hacks to increase the volume on your iPhone?

Let us know on our Facebook page!

Image credits: look_studio (EnvatoElements) / Jonas Lee (UnSplash) / Grant Broadcasters