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Squid Game Season 2 Teaser

With Squid Game such a massive success, we’re all pretty hopeful that Netflix will jump onto a Season 2.

Although there’s no official word from the streaming giant yet, we’re thrilled to see a teaser trailer for Squid Game 2 being shared online.

Is it too good to be true?

Here's a sneak peek "Teaser" for Squid Game Season 2.

WARNING: Massive Spoilers are contained within so watch at your own risk.

So yeah, it turns out this is a "Concept" Teaser from the YouTube channel Teaser Pro who love making concepts for potential new seasons of shows and upcoming movies.

We feel a bit tricked by it but we’re also massively impressed by the creativity and storyline.

After that final episode of Season 1, we all had plenty of ideas about where a follow-up season could take us.

This trailer has some great concepts and hopefully, Netflix will watch it and take some pointers for season 2.

What things do you think will or should happen in Season 2 of Squid Game?