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Freaky! Watch the moment a 'ghost' removes this dog's collar


This creepy footage will send chills down the spine of even the least superstitious person.

It's been said that canines have an unusual sixth sense, and are able to detect energy and presences that are invisible to humans.

TikTok user, Shannyfantg, may have just proven that theory!

Posting a clip of security vision of her dogs left at home alone, the two dogs can be seen in separate crates barking madly at an alleged unseen invader.

The dogs then quieten down and freeze before the collar on the black dog mystically comes off, startling the pooch.


sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate. ##fyp ##ghost ##dog ##scary ##wtf

♬ original sound - user3228721954538

This isn't the first time @shannyfantg has captured paranormal activity in her home, who is convinced her house is haunted.

In the past she's posted videos of falling objects and moving doors.


ghost is getting cray. me and my dog were in the kitchen when it happened. ##fyp ##ghost ##openinggate ##why ##creepy

♬ original sound - user3228721954538


guess the ghost doesn't like my bear mask. ##fup ##creepy ##activity

♬ original sound - user3228721954538

Like us, fellow viewers are on edge about the whole situation.

"This is literally 100% proof energy and spirits exist," Lizandro commented.

"The silence and then the fact you hear the collar click open. nope," says Katie Ashton.

"How can some of y'all literally see the collar UNCLIP ITSELF and say it's ridiculous to believe in ghosts as adults, like the proof is THERE," added Loading.

"Friend, you better anoint that house! That wasn't a ghost, it was a demon," commented Heaven Baca.

Meanwhile emjaythom1 has read my mind, feeling more empathy for the dogs than anything else. "OMG! Poor babise! They are scared... awwww, I wanna hug them!". Ditto!

What do you think? Ghosts or not?

Image (Shannyfantg / TikTok)