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Plane dumps waste on a man in his garden leaving him 'splattered' in poop


And you thought you were having a crappy day!

WARNING: This story is truly repulsive. Proceed with caution (and potentially a bucket nearby).

While enjoying an afternoon in his garden, a man was 'splattered' with poop when a plane flying overhead illegally dumped it's toilet waste.

In a truly disgusting series of events, the man's entire garden - and his person - was covered with human excrement following the gag-inducing incident.

The understandably disgruntled Berkshire resident approached his local county Councillor, Karen Davies, about the mishap.

Davies brought the issue forward at a virtual meeting with the aviation forum of The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.

The minutes show that she had been 'contacted by a Windsor resident whose garden had had sewage from a plane discharged into it.'

The waste 'splattered' the resident 'in a very unpleasant way,' she noted. β€˜He was out in the garden at the time, so a really horrible, horrible experience.’

According to Geoff Paxton, a member of the aviation committee and former airline employee, 'modern toilets on planes were vaccuum secured and were very reliable as they relied on pressure suction to work, so a situation such as this could only result from aircraft failure or a failure to adequately service it.'

The resident has decided not to pursue an insurance claim against the unnamed airline.

Unbelievably, this isn't the first time someone's day has been ruined by poop falling from the sky. In 2015, a Sweet 16 birthday party was also soiled when a plane dumped it's waste overhead.

Image (Brett Sayles / Pexels)