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Funniest responses to the Facebook and Instagram outage

facebook outage

Australia woke up on Tuesday to Facebook and Instagram experiencing a global outage. (What's App got hit too, which FB also owns).

Some say the issues are interesting timing given a whistleblower just brought to light damning allegations about the company. Hmmm...

But let's not get too serious... instead, we're looking at the funniest responses to the outage. Which of course is mostly on Twitter because that's all that remained... at least for a few glorious hours.

Facebook reaches out to users... on Twitter lol

Twitter is king for a few hours

And when Twitter said hi to the world, some big brands had a lot of fun saying hi back

Of course, who couldn't resist using the global phenomenon that is Netflix's Squid Game for some witty commentary:

It really was an apocalypse

Meanwhile, what Zuckerberg was up to during the outage

But not everyone was sad

Not sure what the issue was, but there's some theories...

Thankfully it's all back now and you can get back on with your life