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This Math Riddle Took 3 Engineers to Solve

20210930 math riddle Tile

TikTok user karingendi presented a math riddle to 3 engineer students which completely baffled them.

She handed them the piece of paper and said "If you can turn this into two hundred with one line, I'll give you whatever you want"


It took 3 engineers to figure this out

♬ original sound - Karin Gendi


Don't scroll down the page too far if you want to solve this without the solution.


The piece of paper had 100 in numbers written on top and 100 in numbers written on the bottom.

The problem is they can only use one line.

You can see the gears turning over inside each of their heads.

One of the engineers even thought about turning the page around saying "let's look at this from another perspective."

Just when it was coming to crunch time, the first engineer solved the riddle.

It was like a light bulb went off inside his head!

He says "Just one line.......wait" and then PING he gets it.

2 hundred

change the first one to a t which gives too hundred

How many of you got that one before the end of the article?