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Stranger Things 4 Creel House Teaser

A new teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 is out and it's got us excited but also has us asking more questions.

Warning. Potential spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

A family moves into a house that appears to have some sort of supernatural element to it.

This clip, set in the 1950s is about the house that the Creel family moved into.

An interesting fact is that the father, Victor Creel, will be played by Robert Englund (Freddie Krueger) in a more present-day Stranger Things (1980's).

The last scene of the Creel family shows Victor standing at the door with his children on the floor.

We get to see the Hawkins kids in the '80s, a little more grown-up but looking for clues in the house decades later.

The last scene shows a Grandfather clock in the attic. At first seemingly innocent.

But then things switch to the upside down and we see the face of the clock start to crack.

What is happening? Why are the Hawkins gang looking for clues? When in 2022 are we going to find out?

Who knows at this stage. For now, we have more questions than answers and we love it!