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Britney Vs Spears Documentary Coming to Netflix

A new trailer for the Britney Spears documentary just came out and it goes more into depth about her conservatorship.

After the recent news of Jamie Spears (Britney's father) filing to end the conservatorship, this documentary will give us some insight into the whole saga.

So what is a conservatorship?

It's something that a court can grant when a person is deemed to not be able to make decisions on their own.

This generally occurs with people with dementia or other mental illnesses.

In Britney Spears case, she had 2 conservatorships. One for finances and estates, and the other over her decision making.

This has been in place since 2008 after Britney suffered with some mental health issues.

In 2019, Jamie Spears stepped down from her decision making conservatorship due to health reasons but retained her financial conservatorship.

This documnetary should shed some more light on the whole story.

Britney Vs Spears is coming to Netflix on the 28th Sept is set to launch next week it looks amazing.