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Can you see the creepy figure hiding under the overpass?

Google Maps has revealed a scary figure hidden under a highway overpass in New York and the internet is creeped out.

TikTok user hidden.on.google.earth uploaded the startling find and suggested it looked like Pennywise the clown.

The video shows a white face lurking in the shadows of the bridge and has had more than a million views.

Have a look - what do you see? 


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Some people are convinced it’s a real-life creepy figure, which isn’t helped by the scary music that goes with the footage.

One commenter tried to add to the mystery, saying, “That’s in figures lake.. a lot of children died there…”

And some saw the funny side, with one commenter saying: “Yo that’s my grandpa I’ve been searching for him for days, thanks man."

 Even if you’re not convinced, it might make you think twice about going under a dark overpass at night.

Or perhaps you’ve just got an overactive imagination and are suffering from Pareidolia - the ability to see faces in objects.