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Anthony Wiggle was declared dead, but he's definitely still alive!

The Blue Wiggle was declared dead yesterday, and it's a hoax we can't deal with.

Fans were in shock yesterday as Anthony Field, one of the founding Wiggles members and all-around-Aussie-legend, was announced dead on the internet.

Brutally, his Wikipedia bio claimed his date of death was August 15, 2021, but as you might realise that date has gone and passed and Anthony is (thankfully) still with us!

The 58 year old performer posted a screenshot of the Wikipedia entry to his socials with the caption, "Wikipedia had me dead yesterday!".

"Unless I'm not up with the times, I'm still here!!" he continued.

Poking fun at the hoax death-declaration, when asked by followers how he died he responded with 'It didn’t say, maybe over eating hot potato! Stacked the Big Red Car?'. 

Thankfully, Anthony Field's wikipedia bio has since been updated with his death date removed, and the world feels to have been set right again. Toot toot, chugga chugga.

Image Credit: Andrew Scheer, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons