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Get paid to watch TV & make TikToks!

Are you a certified Couch Potato and wanna make some dough out of binging telly shows? This is the job for you.


Located right here in the Great Southern Land, the ABC are hiring someone to watch and create content for ABC iview to help audience members decide what to watch (we've all been there).

The gig runs on a three-month paid contract, in which the successful ABC iviewer - very catchy - will be responsible for watching a range of current and upcoming show.

Sure, if you get the job you'll also need to make entertaining videos for Insta, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook, but you read the bit about getting paid to watch telly, right?


Sounds like something you could see yourself doing? Simply watch something already on iview, make a little video based on your viewing experience then post it to your socials with #ABCiviewer.

Ready to fight it out amongst yourselves to see who deserves the job? Get more details here


Image Credit: KoolShooters from Pexels