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Boy Releases Butterfly He Raised Only for Dog to Eat it Immediately

dog eats boys butterfly

A three-year-old boy has had a heartbreaking moment after the butterfly he raised from a caterpillar was eaten by his dog upon releasing it into the wild.

The 40-second clip posted by his dad Danny Seddon on Facebook was intended to be shared for a few laughs between people he knew but has since gone viral. Seddon captions it with, "A short story of Ronnie and his pet butterfly Ralph."

In the video (language warning), Ronnie has his pet butterfly Ralph safely enclosed in a plastic container. He tips the container upside down to release his friend into the wild and Ralph manages to free himself. Ralph the butterfly then flies off into the Seddon’s yard and unfortunately catches the eye of Marvel, their family dog (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). Marvel pounces on poor Ralph, takes a bite, and continues to eat him.

Danny says in disappointment, “Marvel’s eaten him” and the video ends with a heartbroken shot of Ronnie in disbelief of what had just happened.

Watch the disastrous moment below! (Language Warning)

Image Credit: (Danny Seddon / Facebook)