Releasing Balloons Now Illegal in Victoria

balloons banned in victoria

New environmental laws and increased powers from the Environment Protection Authority mean it is now illegal to release balloons into the environment in Victoria.  

From the 1st of July 2021, a person or company found guilty of releasing helium balloons will receive a hefty fine depending on how many units are released.

The penalties for releasing balloons into the environment are as follows (from

Under section 115 of the Environment Protection Act 2017, fines are:

* up to six penalty units ($991) for a person

* up to 30 penalty units ($4956) for a company.

For a series of balloon releases, and if taken to court, penalties are:

* up to 100 penalty units ($16,522) for a person

* up to 500 penalty units ($82,610) for a company.

Releasing helium balloons is considered littering and the EPA suggests alternative solutions to using balloons from blowing bubbles, floating flowers, reusable or recyclable bunting, paper decorations, or planting a tree.

Balloons are a major concern with the environment and wildlife, causing animals to ingest them or get entangled. They’ve been identified as one of the top three most harmful pollutants along with plastic bags and bottles.

According to, they are the #1 deadliest form of litter when ingested by seabirds.

You can watch their latest campaign raising awareness about balloons below:

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