Test your Dog’s Loyalty With This Challenge

dog loyalty test

The latest internet challenge going viral is asking dog owners to find out which human their dog likes the most - and one video response has made the internet go “awwwwwww” with delight!

To do the challenge, put your dog between you and your significant other, then run away in opposite directions and see who your dog follows. The winner will be ‘top dog’ so to speak!

User Kamila Omarova has uploaded a delightful video to TikTok and Instagram doing the challenge on her little Yorkshire Terrier, who can’t work out which human to follow. He looks left and right several times before finally doing the sweetest spinning dance!

Hey guys, you broke your dog! But it's a pretty sweet outcome actually. Dogs really are the best!

Have you tried this challenge with your dog? Did you know the result or did you get a surprise and find yourself in the dog house of your pooch’s heart?

Image: TikTok/Instagram/kamilandra_