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Go South With Your Mouth: Cheeky South Australian Tourism Campaign Goes Viral

A South Australian tourism campaign has caught the eye of viewers with its cheeky slogan, 'Go Down South with your Mouth.
The domestic travel initiative was launched earlier in the week and some people are already questioning its authenticity and if it’s an April Fools prank.

The campaign which promotes South Australia’s wonderful food, wine, and experiences is full of inuendos with lines in its advertisement such as, "Why does it taste so much better, when you go down south?” and "Is it time to let our abundant delights burst in your mouth. Is it time to bask in Australian bush?"

Viewers on Youtube were questioning the authenticity of the video, commenting, "If this isn't a parody then I'm amazed. If it is a parody, I'm impressed. :D" and, "This must be an April fools prank."

In a press release by Taste Down South, it’s said:

The campaign is set to roll out over six months across traditional media, out of home advertising, digital and social media channels and is supported by ongoing content and PR activity.

In the same release, Taste Down South representative, Clarke Reid, says:

“Down south is an unexplored goldmine of tastes and delights. It mightn’t have the glitz and glamour of some east-coast states, but there’s a lot buzzing under the hood down here. Australia has ranked second in the world for its food and wine experiences. That’s after cultural giant France and even a step ahead of Italy. SA is home to the finest dining in the country and we are one of the great wine capitals of the world. If Australia is second in the world for food and wine, and South Aus has the finest dining in Australia, we reckon it’s about time you Taste Down South”

It’s unsure whether the campaign has any official correlation with South Australian Tourism. South Australian Tourism Commission (@tourismsa) took to Twitter to say, "Folks, it's not us - not even sure we want to buy the t-shirt TBH."

Reports have linked the campaign to creators Adam Blackburn and Blaze Tripp, the same duo that developed the CU in the NT campaign for Northern Territory.

The Facebook page also posted, "Thanks for sticking up for the little guys," further confirming it's an unofficial campaign.

Image Credit: (@Taste Down South / Facebook)