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World Nature Photography Award Winners

© Dale Paul

The 2020 World Nature Photography Awards have been announced, with a stunning collection of images aimed to inspire a deeper love and care for our planet.

The top award and cash prize of $1000 went to Thomas Vijayan from Canada for his image of the endangered Bornean orangutan. Vijayan spent hours up a tree, waiting to see if one of the local orangutans would use it to cross over to a nearby island.

GOLD Thomas Vijayan The World Is Going Upside Down
©Thomas Vijayan

Australia made it too, with underwater photographer Naomi Rose winning silver in the People and Nature category for her image of a Northern Giant Petrel taken on Ningaloo Reef off Western Australia, entitled 'We need a bigger boat'.

SILVER Naomi Rose Were gonna need a bigger boat
© Naomi Rose

Adrian Dinsdale, co-founder of the WNPAs, said: “It was such a privilege to see the competition’s philosophy come to life – our photographers really are shining a spotlight on the wonders of the natural world in a way that reminds us to do everything we can to protect the future of our planet.”

You can view the full winners on the World Nature Photography Awards website.

View some of our favourites below:

Red fox - Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic

SILVER Vladimir Cech Fox
© Vladimir Cech

Male kongoni - Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

BRONZE Arlette Magiera Survival of the fittest
© Arlette Magiera

Green crested lizard - Windsor Nature Park, Singapore

- A Green Crested Lizard (Bronchocela Cristatella) burping in its rest time on a tree’s branch. - at Windsor Nature Park, Singapore
© Endy

Lions - Serengeti, Tanzania

GOLD Patrick Nowotny Lion fight
© Raymond Nowotny

Small skipper butterfly - Essex, UK

SILVER Joseph Shaffery Miniature portrait
© Joseph Shaffery

Clark’s grebe and newborn chick - California, USA

BRONZE Lisa Roeder You are my sunshine
© Lisa Roeder

Andre Fajardo freediving early one summer morning - Hawaiian Islands

Andre Fajardo freediving early one summer morning in the Hawaiian Islands.
© Christa Funk

Ulysses, one of the last remaining great tuskers - Kenya

GOLD Harry Skeggs Long live the king
© Harry Skeggs

Eurasian red squirrel - Espelo, the Netherlands

BRONZE Shawna Hinkel Morning solitude
© Femke Van Willigen

Bald cypress (AKA swamp cypress) - East Texas, USA

BRONZE Susanna Patras The last leaves
© Doron Talmi

A glacial river flowing down to the Atlantic Ocean - Southern Iceland 

GOLD Dipanjan Pal Glacial veins
© Dipanjan Pal

A white rhino being dehorned (to prevent poaching) - Thanda Safari Game Reserve, South Africa

GOLD Gunther De Bruyne 21st century rhino conservation
© Gunther de Bruyne