Bear Chases Ski Instructor Trying to Protect his Class

A ski instructor in Romania has had a close encounter with a bear on the slopes while teaching a class.

The instructor filmed the encounter, which starts out cute but gets scary when the bear chases him.

The video above shows the instructor stopped with his students as the brown bear walks calmly across the slope.

The instructor talks sweetly to the bear and they all laugh as the bear sits with a lump of snow on its nose. So cute. They tell the bear to go, making noise to hopefully scare him back into the forest.

But around the 2.45 minute mark the bear moves closer to the students so the instructor takes off to draw the bear away in a move that’s being called heroic according to Romanian news outlet Digi24.

What follows is a minutes-long chase with the bear frightening close as the instructor keeps filming and also warning other skiiers he meets on the path that a bear is following right behind him.

While the situation at first looked cute and funny - and the instructor’s skill at filming while being chased is impressive - it’s actually a dangerous encounter. Romanian Minister for the Environment Tanczos Barna said the man's gesture was heroic but could’ve turned tragic.

Bear encounters are on the increase in the area. There was another bear chase at the end of January at the same resort.