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4 Australian Coins Worth Up To $6000 Could Be In Your Change


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Joel Kandiah, a Western Australia commerce teacher, has released a TikTok video showing how you could literally be sitting on a small fortune.

The video goes on to show that we should always check out our change just in case we have one of these rare coins.

So strap in and have your purse or wallet handy because we are going treasure hunting!


$1 from 2000

1 dollar 2000 tiktok thehistoryofmoney

Image Credit: @TheHistoryOfMoney via TikTok

First up is a $1 coin with the date mark 2000.

It was minted on the head side using a 10c die so the back looks slightly off.

This one could be worth between $400 and $4000 depending on the condition.


20c from 1966

20 cents 1966 tiktok thehistoryofmoney

Image Credit: @TheHistoryOfMoney via TikTok

Next up is a 20c coin from the year 1966.

This one has the number 2 with a wavey bottom where it is usually flat.

Fetching up to $2000, this could be an easy way to make a nice little bit of cash.


5c from 2007

5 cents 2007 tiktok thehistoryofmoney

Image Credit: @TheHistoryOfMoney via TikTok

How about a 2007 5c coin that you will never get Tails on in a coin flip?

Know as the Double Header, this little beauty could see a cool $3500 in your pocket (if it was uncirculated).

Now there's a reason to check those 5c pieces that always get stuck in the corner of your purse or wallet.


$2 from 2020

2 dollar 2020 tiktok thehistoryofmoney

Image Credit: @TheHistoryOfMoney via TikTok

And lastly, in tribute to the Fire Fighters that helped fight the tragic fires in 2019/2020, a $2 coin was released.

However, someone forgot to flip the coin for the colour die and minted the Flames on the head of Queen Elizabeth II.

Their mistake is our gain with this coin fetching a massive $6000 on eBay!