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You Aren’t Going to Believe These! Top Aussie Bogan Names for 2020 Revealed


Seriously you are about to feel very (VERY) sorry for newborn babies with the Top 20 Aussie Bogan Names revealed by Kidspot.

We have just read the list and it has left us wondering just what some parents think when making one of the most permanent decisions for their newborn baby.

So, without further ado here are the Top 20 Aussie Bogan Names for 2020 and trust us they will not disappoint!

Top Bogan Names for Girls


An attempt to disguise the name (Karren) that has coped ALOT of heat this year, but seriously you are not fooling anyone!


So this one has a pronunciation that will trick you. If you are a wine lover you would expect that Chablis would be pronounced "Cha-Blee" (like the French wine region) but you would be wrong. Chablis is floating around with the pronunciation "TCHA-bliss".


Seriously guys what on earth are you thinking! Yes, the coronavirus has had a massive impact on 2020 but did you really need to shorten it to 'Corona' and start using it as a baby name? 


I would have thought parents in 2020 would have been a little too young to be paying tribute to Elvis? But apparently not, but seriously guys couldn’t you have found another way to honour the music legend.


This Honestee-ly hurts my soul, like come on guys did you really need to "level-up" the original spelling?


From the original Hebrew name Jezebel, these youngsters of today have again gone and tried to Gen-Y this one by adding a double "Z" and then chucking Bella on the end. Probs, not guys.


Nope this one just doesn’t work at all.


So "Jumelle" is a French word that means "twin girls", but it's just not on for your precious baby girls name. Try again. 


Ok, so there is the trend of 2020 parents trying to spice up names that have been around for decades. This one, of course, is a "jazzed" up version of Chole, but seriously by the time your girl hits Year One she is going to be sick of having to correct the spelling of her name (trust me).


Not sure this even counts as an acceptable name in any way, shape or form. Like there is nothing feminine about calling your baby girl Pistol, what were you thinking!


Top Bogan Names for Boys


Seriously, guys, you are naming your baby boy after a hand tool/dangerous weapon? Are you not just setting your little baby boy up to suffer years of torment and end up in a world of crime?


Did you give birth to a Baby or a Panda Cub?


Again with the French words! Chaton means "kitten" in French so probably not the best option for your son. 


Ok, seriously what is with the trend of naming your newborn after dangerous weapons?!? I thought Axe was bad, but Dagger? Do you want your son to turn out to be a 'dagger' wielding maniac?


So are you naming him after the very sleek and sophisticated animal or the luxury sports car? Either way, it is a no from me, try again.


If you think back a few years now, you would remember the popularity the name Jax had but again Gen-Y has tried to spice up the shortened Jax by adding "tynn" to the end. Jax was bad enough so, Jaxtynn is a definite no from me.  


Surely this is just a misprint, like in the heat of the moment after you have given birth the nurse misheard you saying "Kevin" and somehow Jevin was born? Let's get this spelling error one fixed, please.


Ok, so admittedly I didn't know what this one was, but after some research, you will find that it is a California forest scorpion. Naming your child after a stinging insect is a big no from me.


Hahaha yeah, dude you are totally "RAD"! 


Again with the attempt to "jazz" things up, but this one is not working. Like the name "Tiger" alone wouldn't have worked but then you go and change the spelling to this weird thing...yeah no.

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