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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Review

If you grew up in Australia you'd remember the TV Show "It's a Knockout" and in Japan "Takeshi's Castle" where contestants battled it out in ridiculous scenarios and often got wet for their troubles. This later evolved into "Wipe-out" and "Gladiators" then "Big Brothers Friday Night Games" had their version of it and more recently the "Ninja Warrior" series across the globe has a slight sense of it as well.  and until now the closest sensation in video games we've had would be the "Mario Party" series on Nintendo and Fall Guys takes a lot of inspiration from it all. 

You and 59 other players compete against each other in a series of events. It could be running through an obstacle course, Raccoon tail tag, or even rolling giant balls. Each one feels like a well thought out "mini game" and each round players are eliminated until the final round where only the winner survives.

It's bright frantic colours are what set the game show tone, with cartoon characters loving life, bouncing around in a rainbow infused landscape. It's very clear for even a casual gamer how many people are continuing to the next round and weather or not they have been eliminated and that's the beauty of Fall Guys, anyone and everyone can compete on a fairly even playing field.

The character creation allows you to choose your look to a certain extent, taking the blob like creature and giving it your own personal style. This is something you'll need to build up to of course, you wont have all the elements of your favourite look from word go. Instead you gain points over a season and can gain the currency "Kudos" which you can use to buy your look. While some of the looks are fantastic, none come close to the brilliant mocks that were done by Aussie Pop Culture Artist BossLogic, which he posted to Instagram.





 These are just some of my favourites but you can see more on his Instagram page.


Fall Guys is the most unique "Battle Royal" game in a while, it doesnt follow the same rules as "Fortnite" or "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" but instead captures a new play style that is fun for all ages. It's more like a Mario Party for the masses, and so safe for your kids to play which has it getting lot's of "Kudos" from parents as well. 


Well worth jumping in for some fun times, where you don't have to think too hard. But if you want a strategy, check out the 5 things you need to know first in this video.