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Skater XL Getting Closer to Launch

Easy Day Studios showcased a new trailer for Skater XL on the Future Games Show. 

The video features commentary from Dain Hedgpeth, Director at Easy Day Studios. This also gives us a first look at Easy Day High School which is a new map that pays homage to many iconic and historic skating spots.

In a closer look at the controls of Skater XL, the thumbstick controls are mapped directly to the feet. “In a first for skateboarding games… we didn’t program tricks. We programmed movement, and with that movement, you can do all kinds of tricks” Dain said.

This type of controller layout is going to make this title more of a simulator than a straight out arcade-style skating game and we are looking forward to checking it out when it's released.

Skater XL launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 28th July 2020.