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Tessa's eliminated from Survivor...again!

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One would think that once you are eliminated from Australian Survivor, there would be no chance of you being eliminated any more. This appears not to be the case for Tessa who last night faced a surprising elimination from the jury. 

Once eliminated from Survivor, the most recent contestants have been whisked away to become part of a jury. This jury will help decide who out of the remaining contestants will win $500,000. But in a surprising twist of events last night, the remaining 4 contestants had the chance to eliminate a member of the jury, someone who could be a threat to them winning the cash! Jericho won the right to send someone home and it was tourches out again for Tessa!! 

She certainly didnt see this coming but now she is out of the chance to influence the game so no revenge for her! Stolzy and Nix caught up with her this morning and she said she was "blindsided again!" :