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Lack of sleep could be killing you!!


Are you getting enough sleep? If not, it could be affecting your health! 

More Australians than ever are dying from causes related to sleep deprivation and fatigue. An alarming report has revealed that more Australian's are dying from these related things than are from the drug ice. The impact of our work life balance has seen Aussie's turn away from sleep as a form of relaxation and maintain stimulation from devices and screens after a long days work. This combined with longer, more stressful and often shift work situations means more and more Aussie's are being killed or injured by fatigue related accidents or illness. 

To find out how fatigue is affecting us and what we should be doing to decrease the chance of injuring ourselves and those around us (particularly on the roads), Stolzy and Nix caught up with David Hillmand of the Sleep Health Foundation to find out just hos bad we are here in the Hunter.