Prince William and Lady Gaga team up to open the conversation on mental health


We already know Nix is a self confessed lover of the Royals, but we are all loving the great stuff the young Royals are doing to promote the conversation around mental health. 

This week alone we have seen both Prince's Harry and William talk candidly about losing their mother, Princess Diana, and the lasting impact it has had on both of their lives. 

The young Royals are doing the rounds promoting their campaign heads together and #oktosay which is all about opening up the discussion on mental health and breaking the stigma. 

They have also now teamed up with superstar Lady Gaga and in a cool as video we see Lady Gaga and Prince William sharing an open chat about the importance of talking about mental health via skype! 

Lady Gaga famously wrote an open letter explaining her struggles with post traumatic stress disorder and is now joining Parince's William and Harry and Catherine in promoting Heads Together. 

Check out the video