Stolzy & Damo for Breakfast



Always fun and entertaining on the radio and in life in general, it is hard to not have his infectious attitude rub off on you when listening. Making him the perfect person to start your day with on the breakfast show.

Having been in the radio industry since he was 22 (he is now 35), Stolzy puts his success down to the fact that he does what he loves doing....talking to people, making friends and being part of other peoples days in a positive fashion.

A mad passion for music of all styles and genres, he swears he should have been a rock star.....the lack of singing and musicianship skills, however, have got in the way of such a dream.

He makes no secret of his passion for the Australian cricket team and love of sport in general.

He also admits that he suffers from the affliction of being a Parrammatta Eels supporter and dreams of them climbing off the bottom of the ladder this year. His chances in this years footy tipping competition depends on it!

Stolzy is totally new to the Hunter region but is excited to get out and about, meet the locals, enjoy the sites and to be part of and support the local community in the best way he knows how.

As he does you can be assured of one thing....he will be smiling!