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It's Level 2 water restrictions for Muswellbrook from March


It's Level 2 water restrictions for Muswellbrook from March. 

At this week's Muswellbrook Shire Council Extraordinary meeting Councillors approved to increase the water restrictions that will take effect from March 2. 

This will bring Muswellbrook Shire in line with the Hunter Water areas in the Lower Hunter and to Newcastle.

There has been some confusion with water restriction messages coming through to the Upper Hunter that doesn't apply to our residents because we have different water sources. 

So Muswellbrook Councillors agreed they would move their restrictions in line with Hunter Water's, but if the Shire does need to increase or decrease restrictions they will depend on the situation. 

Level 2 water restrictions mean:

  • Only water every second day, before 10 am and after 4 pm using a hose with a trigger nozzle for up to 15 minutes in total for the day (the day will be determined by your address, eg. for 12 Smith Street you would only be allowed to water on even dates in a month, while 13 Smith Street would water on odd days);
  • Bucket wash vehicles and buildings;
  • Have maximum four minute showers;
  • Not hose hard surfaces such as concrete, paths, and driveways;
  • Not use sprinklers or irrigation systems;
  • Ensure all hoses have a trigger nozzle; and
  • Repair dripping taps and leaking toilets.

For business customers:

  • Prepare water efficiency management plans; and
  • Implement water efficiency management plans if they are a large customer.