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Truckies clocked doing well in excess of the speed limit through Scone


Local police are urging drivers to slow down whatever vehicle you may be driving, be it a car or a truck. 

On two consecutive nights last week Hunter Valley Police District (HVPD) officers detected two b-double trucks travelling well in excess of the speed limit into Scone. 

The vehicles were clocked well inside the speed zones and were travelling at 86km/hr and 91km/hr respectively. 

It's a 50km/hr zone. 

Police are urging drivers to obey the speed signs, particularly when you are entering towns.

The speeding infringements came as police were kicking off Operation Chrome, a two-day road safety enforcement campaign that was conducted in the Western, Southern and Northern regions during Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November 2019.

The operation utilised police from all districts within each region, working alongside officers from the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command to provide a coordinated effort to reducing rural road trauma.

Police targeted poor driving behaviours on rural roads and across the three regions, police conducted more than 17,000 breath tests, with 270 charges and almost 700 traffic infringement notices issued.

In the Northern region including the HVPD, there were 16 speed infringements handed out, 6,826 drivers were breath tested and 114 of those were charged, 55 PCA charges and one major crash resulting in a fatality.

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse