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Australia Pacific Coal says they will "evaluate all available options" after IPC decision on Dartbrook


Australia Pacific Coal (AQC) have said they will be "evaluating all available options" after the Independent Planning Commission's (IPC) final decision on their Dartbrook Mine project.

The IPC has approved the project to recommence operations using bord-and-pillar methods in the underground mine. 

The mine has been in care and maintenance since 2006 and the Company was seeking to restart operations with an extension to their current approval which is until 2022. They did want to extend until 2027.

But, the IPC has only approved the mine until the end of that extension. 

Today AQC finally commented on the decision in a statement to the ASX.

"The approval is a significant milestone for the recommencement of mining at Dartbrook although a key element of the MOD 7 was not approved, being the application for an additional five year of mine life. The Company will carefully review and consider the reasons for the decision and evaluate all available options,"

Executive Chairman of AQC, Mr John Robinson said:

"The determination of MOD 7 has taken many months and whilst the main elements of mining and transport were transport, it is disappointing the IPC did not approve the additional 5 years of mine life,"

"The application was subject to significant support and scrutiny from the local community and we will endeavour to work closely with all stakeholders as we embark on the next phase for Dartbrook," he said. 

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse