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Truck ends up on its tailgate at Mount Arthur mine


A truck ended up on its tailgate at Mount Arthur mine at Muswellbrook on Wednesday. 

BHP has confirmed an incident did occur at 9 am, 7th August involving a truck that came to rest on its tailgate.

In a statement BHP has said:

"As is standard procedure, the site emergency response was immediately activated." 

"The operator was assessed by paramedics at site after safely exiting the vehicle.  He only sustained minor injuries, and did not need to be conveyed off-site for further medical assessment or treatment." 

"An investigation into the incident has been launched."

It's understood that the truck lost propel going away from a digger on the incline and as a subsequent result with the load on its back and the incline, gravity took over. 

It comes after a chaotic week for the mine site after they accepted an Enforceable Undertaking from the NSW Resources Regulator to the tune of just over $1 million. 

Hunter Valley Energy Coal was also fined by the NSW Environment Protection Authority $15,000 for excessive dust at Mount Arthur mine on a day in October 2018.

Image credit: Muswellbrook Chronicle