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Rix's Creek mine near Singleton has their extension approved just in time


Rix's Creek mine near Singleton has gotten approval to extend their mining just in time. 

The Bloomfield Group was seeking to extend the Rix's Creek South Mine's 21-year approval period for coal extraction to March 24 next year and the Independent Planning Approval gave approved that extension this week. 

The company asked for the nine-month extension to allow mining to continue while a separate State Significant Development application, the Rix’s Creek Continuation of Mining Project (SSD 6300), is assessed and determined.

The application is seeking to extend operations at the site until 2038.

For the application given approval this week there were 53 public submissions that included 28 objectors for reasons including potential impacts on human health from noise and dust, an inadequate mine rehabilitation plan, greenhouse gas emissions and the decision to place the project on public exhibition when the NSW GOVERNMENT was in caretaker mode.

Following careful consideration of all the evidence and having weighed the community’s concerns, the Commission determined to approve the modification application.

In making its determination, the Commission concluded “the Application is in the public interest because the socio-economic contribution is likely to be greater than the continued environmental impacts of mining operations in an already active mine site with no change to the approved mining areas.”

Meanwhile, the Rix’s Creek Continuation of Mining Project (SSD 6300) is currently with the Department for assessment. That SSD application will come to the Commission in due course for determination.

Image credit: The Bloomfield Group