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Liddell Coal hit with fine after sediment laden water ended up in local waterway


Liddell Coal Operations has been hit with a fine after sediment laden water ended up in a local waterway last year.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) said in November last year around 26,000 litres of sediment laden water ended up in Bowmans Creek after debris from a mine blast blocked a sediment containment drain at the mine near Ravensworth.

“The EPA alleges that a combination of the blocked drain, a failure to inspect the blast area and heavy rain caused sediment laden runoff to breach the containment drain and flow into a pool in nearby Bowman’s Creek," said Acting Director Hunter Lindsay Fulloon.

“We estimate 26,000 litres of sediment laden water, combined with around 170,000 litres of natural runoff from vegetation areas entered the waterway."

“Liddell Coal took action to pump the runoff back to the mine site and no environmental impact was identified,"

“However, there was potential for environmental harm, including from turbidity, which we consider may have been avoided if the blocked drain had been cleared,” Lindsay Fulloon said. 

Liddell Coal Mine has now developed a hazard plan to ensure similar incidents do not occur in future.

They were hit with a $15,000 fine from the NSW EPA for the incident.

Penalty notices are one of a number of tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance including formal warnings, official cautions, licence conditions, notices and directions and prosecutions. In this instance, the EPA issued a penalty notice. The notice recipient may pay the penalty notice, seek a review, or elect to have the matter determined by a court. 

Image credit: Grant Broadcasters/Jessica Rouse